It’s time to eat green and healthy after the abundant celebratory feasts during the festive periods. Experience the new vibrant dishes made with organic vegetables and Music-raised farm eggs at the award-winning Hoi King Heen to make this spring a refreshing one!
Featuring a variety of local organic vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage and choy sum, Executive Chinese Chef Leung Fai Hung showcases a gastronomic delight of healthy yet savoury Cantonese specialities to revive your appetite!
Chef Leung has also innovatively used “Music-raised farm eggs” from a harvest musical farm in Yuen Long as an ingredient to create the dishes. “Music-raised farm eggs” are the eggs produced by relaxing hens which listen to music in the farm. It has been found that the “Music-raised farm eggs” are significantly richer in flavour and smoother in texture. Chef Leung has made good use of the “Music-raised farm eggs” to create tantalising dishes like “Music-raised farm egg custard with quail eggs and shrimp julienne” and “Scrambled music-raised farm eggs with Parma ham and Yunnan ham”.
Organic vegetables and egg specialities
• Music-raised farm egg custard with quail eggs and shrimp julienne
• Deep-fried Silkie chicken eggs with sweet and sour sauce and prawns
• Scrambled music-raised farm eggs with Parma ham and Yunnan ham
• Scrambled duck eggs and grey mullet
• Egg rolls flavoured with preserved sausage with an organic tomato and barbecue pork sauce
• Organic Chinese cucumber and yam with sesame sauce and vinegar pearls
• Organic Chinese cabbage, organic tomatoes and dried shrimp in broth
• Clay pot braised seafood and organic vegetables in fish broth
• Steamed organic choy sum, julienne of abalone and preserved vegetables
• Wok-fried organic vegetables, sweet potato starch noodles and golden fried dried scallop
Available from now until April 30, 2016.
For enquiries or reservations, please call Hoi King Heen at (852) 2731 2883.

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