Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled its 2016 digital appliance product line-up at the Samsung Southeast Asia Forum 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Developed to make a meaningful difference in consumers’ lives, Samsung has reinvigorated the home appliance space with fresh thinking and functionality that have taken appliances from a ‘need’ to a ‘want’. 
Introducing Industry’s First AddWash Door to Samsung’s Front Load Washer
Samsung recognizes that in the rush to get laundry done on a frenzied weeknight or during a busy weekend, a stray sock may simply get overlooked. Samsung’s simple, practical response to that is to add the industry’s first “AddWash” door to its front load washer. 
The Samsung AddWash Washing Machine has a distinctive access door that makes it convenient to add any item, such as a piece of forgotten laundry, without having to drain the washer in order to open the main washer door mid-cycle. It also allows you to add hand-washed items for rinsing, or additional softener anytime during the cycle.   
An embodiment of Samsung’s innovation in delivering super time savings and washing performance, the AddWash Washing Machine comes with a SuperSpeed feature that makes it possible to complete a normal wash in less than an hour without compromising washing performance. 
The AddWash Washing Machine also comes with Smart Control that works with both Android and iOS smartphones. With Smart Control, you can now easily monitor the progress of your laundry program, and even choose to get alerts on your smartphone just before the start of a new washing cycle. This option is especially useful when you want to add a few pieces of delicate or hand-washed items towards the end of the wash cycle.
With Samsung AddWash Washing Machine, consumers can enjoy added flexibility and efficiency in their laundry routines. Samsung continues to bring new innovations to modern homes to make lives better and easier.
Family Hub Refrigerator Makes Its Debut
The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a sophisticated multi-tasker that connects families, organizes groceries and home tasks, and provides entertainment.
The Family Hub is a hub of household connections with a thoroughly digital twist. All communications are housed and displayed on a 21.5 inch full HD touch screen located on the upper right exterior door. With this refrigerator as the family’s digital command center, the Family Hub’s screen allows you to post, share and update calendars, pin photos, share treasured kids’ works of art, and leave notes – all with the ease and convenience of your smartphone. 
From more efficiently managing your groceries to identifying foods you have or need, to tracking product expiration dates, the Family Hub is your go-to resource to keep your kitchen fully stocked. A revolutionary advancement in refrigerator technology, there are three high quality cameras inside the fridge to capture an image every time the door closes. You can then access those images anytime using your smartphone to peek inside your fridge. Even if you are at the store, you can easily pull up the Samsung Smart Home app and have a look right into your Family Hub fridge. There is no more forgetting what you have at home, and you can even use the refrigerator to do online grocery shopping, manage recipes and share shopping lists. 
With the kitchen serving as a common gathering spot in homes, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is perfectly suited to entertain friends and your family. It offers options for music streaming to play through its built-in speaker or for you to connect to your Bluetooth wireless speakers and enjoy music throughout the home. You can even enjoy your favorite television programs right on the Family Hub screen using Screen mirroring with your Samsung Smart TV – never having to miss a moment of a favorite football game even if you are busy preparing food.
The Family Hub is as impressively designed on the inside as it is on the outside. From the Samsung-exclusive FlexZone™ that transforms from fridge to freezer to meet your food storage needs, to keeping food fresher for longer with its Triple and Metal Cooling system, to its flexibility and energy-saving features – this refrigerator places a premium on superior performance and unmatched innovation and design. 
New RT7000 Refrigerator with Twin Cooling PlusTM Technology Locks in Moisture and Keeps Food Fresher Longer
The new Samsung top-mounted freezer (TMF) refrigerator, the RT7000, features Samsung’s unique Twin Cooling PlusTM technology, and is designed to enhance modern living. 
Consumers who dream of owning a spacious refrigerator that keeps food fresher longer can now enjoy optimum levels of moisture with the RT7000. The healthiest meals start with the freshest ingredients, and the Twin Cooling Plus™ independent cooling system ensures that a humidity level of up to 70 percent is maintained throughout the fridge, so that food stays fresh no matter where it is stored.
With two truly independent evaporators, the Twin Cooling Plus™ technology features two separate airflows in the fridge and freezer, thereby preventing unpleasant smells from foods moving between the fridge and freezer. With no air movement between the compartments, the original flavor of ingredients in the freezer is preserved perfectly.
Besides delivering a spacious capacity of up to 620L, the Twin Cooling Plus™ technology also enables consumers to be flexible with cooling storage depending on their needs, with five conversion modes. The true independent cooling system allows the freezer to be converted into a fridge when required and the fridge to be turned off in preparation for a long vacation. The five modes are Freezer-Fridge, Energy Saving, Vacation, Fridge Max, and Mini mode.

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