It is a special much treasured time when everyone gather around the table for reunion dinners. And the time has come where wonderful home dishes are abundant. Concorde’s Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant has lined up a host of Chinese New Year specialities and an exciting acrobatic lion dance show! Beginning January 8 – February 22, 2016, guests are invited to savour Xin’s popular selections. And this year, Xin Cuisine offers only 2 sets this year, at RM1,618nett and RM1,968nett per table of 10 pax for the 9 course set.
Smoked Salmon Yee Sang
A must-have during the celebration, yee sang is also known as raw fish salad. Traditional yee sang remains a favourite, so do not miss to enjoy our selections. Myriad of colored vegetables which are cut into small stripes like white radish, carrot are topped with abalone, jelly fish, duck meat, snow pear and condiments like pomelo, shredded ginger, snowpear, peanuts and sesame seed and plum sauce. Price for yee sang ranges from RM79.00 nett – RM265.00 nett (regular/large) portions.
Abundant Three Hot Combination 
The platter of goodies, where one can enjoy their lovely platter where they have the deep fried dragon beard delights, together with the deep fried tempura prawn and also the stir fried vegetables with scallops.
Prosperity Thick Soup with Dried Seafood
The soup which is packed with loads of ingredients where you can taste the best of everything in it. The thick soup is awesomely good where I don’t mind having 2 bowls of it.
Crispy Suckling Pig Hong Kong Style
This is indeed heavenly! I am just pampered with the good and delicious suckling pig. The skin is so crispy where once bites you can feel the cracking bites on it.
Steamed Cod Fish with Garlic Oil 
Love the cod fish. The cod fish is well steam till perfection with the garlic oil. The cod fish comes simply flaky and delicious. I love this so much where the cod fish is just perfect as it is.
Baked Fresh Water Prawn with King Superior Soy Sauce
Never missed the prawns especially in CNY. The lovely prawns is well cooked till perfection with the superior soy sauce. It is indeed a great one with the light sweet and flavourful taste.
Braised Chicken with Three Variation of Chinese Sausage
Waxed Meat in Claypot
One of the best I had this year. The waxed meat is indeed well done with the awesome imported ingredients. Other waxed meats dishes that are available on the a la carte menu are the Steamed 2 Varieties Chinese Sausages with Seasonal Vegetables, Steamed Bud Mushrooms with 3 Varieties Chinese Sausages and Braised Leek with Chinese Sausages.  Prices range from RM40nett – RM114nett per order (small/regular/large).
Pomelo Puree with Mango Sago & Chinese New Year Sweet
The mango sago is amazingly good; not too sweet and yet it brings us a refreshing taste which is from the dried mandarin orange skin. Served together is their 3 lovely nian gao. One comes with Macadamia Nuts, Pistachios and Chicken Floss. Simply good and unique.
For reservations, please call Xin Cuisine 03-2144-8750.
The Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144-2200
*Xin Cuisine will be closed on the 1st day of Chinese New Year and will reopen for breakfast on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year

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