ArtScience Museum is excited to unveil its first-ever permanent exhibition that will open up a futuristic world of high-tech artworks and interactive digital experiences.
Come 12 March, visitors will be immersed in a world of art, science, magic and metaphor through 15 interactive installations. Using digital technology, the installations will take visitors on an interactive journey through nature and urban spaces, and even into the centre of the universe.
The new landmark permanent exhibition is a collaboration with teamLab, a globally renowned Japanese group of ultra-technologists and multi-award winning art collective. This is the group’s first and largest permanent exhibition.
“Together with teamLab, we are building an immersive digital world, where visitors can interact with stunning digital artworks; children can become part of immersive worlds which they can participate in and change by their presence; and where families can learn and play together using a combination of physical and digital technology. We believe our new permanent exhibition with teamLab will be a coming of age for digital art, and a perfect encapsulation of our role as a museum,” said Ms Honor Harger, Executive Director of ArtScience Museum.
Added Toshiyuki Inoko, Founder of teamLab, “At teamLab, we are all advocates of using digital technology to expand art, and to involve the viewer in defining and changing the artworks. We hope that through digital technology, we can experiment with new visual experiences in our artworks, and remove the boundaries between the artwork and the viewer. We are excited to collaborate with ArtScience Museum, an outstanding cultural institution whose vision is very much in line with ours – celebrating the intersection of  artistic expression, scientific ideas and technological advancements in the curation of content. We are extremely privileged to have this international stage right here in the heart of Singapore, to premiere our first-ever large-scale permanent exhibition in the world.”

The permanent exhibition at ArtScience Museum will take visitors on an immersive and magical journey that will enable them to discover a new sense of wonder. Each visitor will become an intrinsic part of the artwork as they participate in, and change the worlds of the installations by their presence, creating their own unique narrative and experience of each artwork.

ArtScience Museum’s permanent exhibition will open its doors on 12 March to the public, and ticket details will be announced soon. For more information, visit


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