Master Chef Rafael Gil takes elegant dining to the level with Rafa’s Private Kitchen at Ozone. From personal interaction with guests to custom menu development for dinner, Chef Rafa invites food connoisseurs into his imaginative culinary world, a well-kept secret among the clouds on the 118th floor. 
Fondly nicknamed Rafa, Brazilian-born Chef Rafael Gil has a cheerful and hospitable personality. “As much as I enjoy cooking, I love sharing good food with my friends and family. The concept of Rafa’s Private Kitchen came from the idea of inviting friends to my home and amazing them with a menu tailored to their liking,” said Chef Rafael. A homey atmosphere for guests to fully enjoy Rafa’s delicacies and their conversations has been created by transforming the private room O3 into a cozy and welcoming lounge offering panoramic night views of the Victoria Harbor.
Available for a minimum of four guests at HK$980 per person, the personalized menu offers eight to ten courses. Specially crafted menus featuring Chef Rafa’s recommendations are also available on rotation for guests who prefer a more handy option. Egg Soufflé in Potato Nest is certainly a dish a foodie just cannot miss. The whipped egg foam is cooked under low heat in a clear film bag with the egg yolk sandwiched in the middle, followed by baking under high temperature to give it a golden brown surface. The dish is then garnished with deep-fried potato nest, black truffle and truffle oil to enhance the contrasts in flavor and texture among the ingredients. The inspiration for Porcini Consommé with Carabineros Prawn Dumplings came from Chinese boiled dumplings; however, Chef Rafa stays true to Spanish flavors with the use of Carabineros red prawn and Iberian pork belly for the filling. Smoked Green Asparagus with Scallop and Caviar is a culinary adventure for guests to explore. A caviar trio – salmon roe, crab roe and sturgeon roe of varying textures and flavor profile intensities – is paired with home-smoked green asparagus and scallop, creating three equally enticing yet subtly different experiences. 
Chef Rafa will serve each dish personally, with detailed explanations on the ingredients and the cooking method, where guests are welcome to ask questions and share their feedback with him. A special private bar corner is also available from HK$500 for guests to create their very own cocktails from a range of selected liqueurs and ingredients.
Bookings must be made at least two days in advance. Prices are subject to 10% service charge. For reservations, please contact Restaurant Reservations at (852) 2263 2270 or email

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