Such is the reach of the infant dragon that pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti turns his hand to his first Easter creation, the Tian-Long Egg, at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris.
The pastry chef took his inspiration from the crossroads of East and West and infused this Easter egg with hints of China and the Orient, which are so dear to the hotel. Son of the Tian-Long dragon of China, or “Heavenly Dragon” – guardian of divine residences – this egg is the perfect symbol of the Sino-French heritage found everywhere in the history and within the walls of Prince Bonaparte’s former residence. An allegory of the transition to an exalted state, this dragon symbolises wisdom, strength and happiness.
Perfectly balanced, the Tian-Long Egg is a smooth mixture of the power of chocolate and the delicacy of gianduja. This Caraibe 66 per cent black chocolate with a hint of rounded, spiced grilled dried has a long finish, and its slightly arboreal nuances make for tasting pleasure. The delicate coating of hazelnut gianduja adds a touch of sweetness to this delicate chocolaty crisp.
The Tian-Long Egg is composed of over 200 scales that take one-and-a-half hours to be individually positioned by the pastry chef and his sous-chef. It is then covered with gold mist. This egg is reminiscent of the vibrant creative spirit possessed by the talented pastry chef, and is a veritable invitation to a journey of the imagination, to be enjoyed with family and friends.
The “Tian-Long Egg”, weighing 250 grams and standing 16 centimetres high, is made of Caraibe 66 per cent black chocolate. This is a limited-edition offer available starting 5 March 2016. The egg is on take-away sale at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris at €70. Reservations may be made 24 hours in advance through La Bauhinia on (33 1) 5367 1991. 
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