Organised by the InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong and Tiffany’s New York Bar, the Hong Kong Whisky Festival 2016 will be held on 20th February. InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong has partnered with British Airways, Wine Luxe Magazine, The Glencairn Glass, Caskells and TouchPoint to present this largest whisky event ever in Hong Kong. Among the highlights at the inaugural Hong Kong Whisky Festival are the main hall showcasing over 50 whisky brands from all over the world, 10 master classes to be held by brand ambassadors and celebrity whisky pairing lunch, dinner and master class to be hosted by the world’s leading whisky authority – Mr. Charles MacLean.
Mr. John Drummond, Resident Manager of InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong said, “Being born and raised in Scotland, whisky is inevitably in my blood. I am delighted to see that the interest and demand in Single Malt Whisky in Hong Kong has become so much stronger in recent years. We organize whisky tasting classes with different brands at Tiffany’s New York Bar every month, but we feel sorry that there are never enough seats for the whisky lovers as the tickets are always sold out very quickly.  Therefore, we came up with an idea of organizing a Whisky Festival at a approachable price to bring in the all the brands with a varieties of master classes and pairing selections, attempting to fulfill the desire of every lover of whisky. Through the generosity and support of our sponsors and partners, we are able to successfully plan and put together this festival for whisky lovers to come together to enjoy and appreciate this event.”
Key Highlights of The Hong Kong Whisky Festival 2016
·        Largest whisky event in HK ever with over 50 brands participating
At the tasting hall, participants can sample whiskies from 57 brands (appendix 1) from all over the world. Besides the well-known Scottish and Japanese whiskies, the Whisky Festival have also brought in the Taiwan, France, Australia, Germany, Sweden, India whisky brands.
Participants will be able to mingle with producers, distillers, independent bottlers and brand ambassadors, and the sheer range of whisky on show will appeal to the beginner all the way to challenging even the most determined taster. There will also be food booths which serve cheese, chocolate and salmon for the whisky pairing.
·        Master Classes  
The master class tastings provide a unique insight into the world of whisky and chances to ask all those hidden questions. The classes are held in private, accommodating from 16 to 24 people classroom style, participants have up to an hour of intense time learning more about their favourite whiskies. Many of the Master Classes are dedicated to one brand or expression, while most are paired with food.
·        Peat Pavilion
The Peat Pavilion will be taking place at the alfresco garden lounge of Tiffany’s New York Bar, presenting a selection of peated malts for the lovers of peat. There will also be freshly-shucked oysters and sea urchin served from a hand carved ice bar.
·        Whisky Tasting with Charles MacLean
Hong Kong Whisky Festival has specially flown in Mr. Charles MacLean, one of Scotland’s leading authorities on whisky, to share his insight and knowledge of the spirit and its history. Mr. MacLean will be hosting a whisky pairing lunch, dinner and master class at the festival.
·        Dram Shop
Participants can purchase their favourite malts at the Dram Shop immediately after the tastings. Free delivery will be arranged for bulk purchases. Wide array of souvenirs is also available for the avid Malt fans.
·        Scottish piper performance
A Scottish piper performance will also be featured in the festival to offer an entertaining atmosphere.
·        Ticketing
– Entrance and master class tickets can be purchased from the Cityline booking website and at Tiffany’s New York Bar.
– The Tasting Hall and Dram Shop will be open to the public at 12noon to 7pm, while the Peat Pavilion will open from 5pm to 11pm on 20th February.
– There is an admission fee of HK$220, which includes a whisky tasting glass and two tokens, additional tokens are at HK25 each.
– Ticket for each Master Class is at HK$200 per person.
Official Event Website: www.hkwhiskyfestival.com

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