Goodday Milk has been a household name in Malaysia for almost 50 years, but one of the nation’s favourite milk brands is now putting on a new face to excite milk lovers.

The brand, which is Malaysia’s No. 1 pasteurised fresh milk in the liquid milk segment, recently unveiled their new look, which features a modern, sleeker and more streamlined design. Despite its appearance, however, Goodday Milk has retained all the freshness, great natural taste and nutrient-packed goodness that defines its range of products.

Made from the finest milk sourced from Australia and introduced locally in 1968, Goodday’s rich protein, calcium and  vitamin A,D B2 and B6 content has made it the preferred choice of today’s health conscious Malaysians. With loads of freshness and a complete absence of preservatives or colouring, the brand is a hit among its target market audience comprising young adults and families with children.


“It’s got a new look and a whole new attitude, but everything else inside that has made Goodday Milk such a favourite for decades remains the same,” said Permanis Sdn Bhd Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Hemalatha Ragavan. “The new packaging is aimed at attracting more  Malaysians to discover the freshness, goodness and convenience that makes Goodday the perfect partner for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.“

Goodday’s array of milk comes in both pasteurised and UHT forms. This includes low fat, full cream and fresh milk as well as strawberry and chocolate flavoured milk that caters to your taste bud. They are available in carton sizes ranging from 200ml to 2L and can be found at all major retailers, hypermarkets, convenience stores and provision shops, making it a convenient choice to meet your daily needs.

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