This January and February, food connoisseurs may expect the sophisticated essence of the Périgord black truffle throughout the menu of Hugo’s, as the Executive Sous Chef Marco Mehr has prepared a series of dishes highlighting the gourmet delicacy.

The Périgord region of France is known for producing peerless black truffles.  The black truffles found there are commonly referred to as “Périgord black diamonds” and are highly sought after by chefs around the world because of their irresistible aroma and taste.


Savour the black truffle with various tantalising dishes such as poached Spanish turbot with Périgord truffle, celery ragout, barley and fumet blanc, in which the delicate seafood is topped with slices of black truffle to add a contrast of textures.  Another delight is the braised French veal cheek with Périgord truffle, parsnip, madeira and truffle braising jus; which the meat is fully infused with the truffle’s earthy flavour.

Patrons may also sample other alluring specialties prepared with this extravagant fungus, such as acquerello risotto with Périgord truffle, spinach and parmesan or poached French organic egg, with Périgord truffle, mashed potatoes and forest mushroom foam, where the unique black truffle flavours make a perfect match with risotto and eggs.  In addition, diners may also add black truffle to complement any desired dish on the a la carte menu.

Hugo’s is an authentic European fine-dining restaurant serving traditional Western cuisine prepared only with the finest ingredients available. Table-side cooking is the icon of the restaurant.


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